Move/Migrate 1 Website

Migrate to another domain or host. Offer for just 1 website

  • Website Migration

People-powered site moving.
My website migration service is managed by me. Instead of some mysterious automated process, your website will be moved/cloned to new destination by an expert in this field with 10 years of experience! (some hostings allow also email migration)

Fast and painless.

After receiving your order, I will check and prepare for migration. Each website is different so the amount of time required can be different, but will be handled with all my dedication.

This job is not easy to do for unexperienced users, but with my years of experience, and after over 5.000 migrations, I can say that I’m here for you.

I helped many clients and friends to maintain their WordPress sites too. Check the extras!

  • 5.000+ websites moved in 4 years just on
  • 10 years experience with WordPress
  • Just 1 mJOB, no matter how big is your site size
  • Migration from subdomain to main domain
  • Migration from one domain to another
  • Migration from one host to another