mJOBrr reserves the right to update these General Terms and Conditions from time to time. Please re-read them on occasion. All updates supersede any previous Terms and Conditions. Buyer and Seller automatically accept the new updated version.


For each service you successfully sell and deliver, you will earn 90% of the revenue received. 

The buyer always pays for their ordered task immediately. Funds are kept securely by freelancegrid until successful delivery of the task and approval by the buyer. This is to protect both the seller and the buyer when purchasing jobs online. Once your job has been marked as delivered from the buyer the funds will be immediately transferred to your freelancegrid account this is where you can request to withdraw your available funds at any time with no charge for withdrawals. 

We encourage all parties to settle conflicts or disagreements between themselves. If this is not possible, you can contact Customer Service on below mail ID.

Payments are refunded and credited to the freelancegrid account of the Buyer by default, for future purchases on mJOBrr or withdrawals at no extra cost. Yes it’s FREE to withdraw.

If you file a dispute for a refund freelancegrid will conduct a through investigation into the matter to have it resolved at the soonest time possible.

Order process

The Seller is responsible for meeting their set conditions (delivery time, etc.) If conditions are not met, the buyer has the right to cancel and refuse the order. Both parties have the right to cancel an order. An order mutually cancelled by both parties does not influence either of their ratings.

The Buyer has the right to cancel an active order if nothing has been delivered yet, by the seller.

Canceling an active order will result in negative feedback so be careful.

Posting a job

Posted services have to be exact and accurate. Otherwise, they will be deleted. Sellers must sell an exact service or product. If the offered service or product comes in different variations which mean different prices, add more extras for each job posting.

Tasks that contain personal contact information of any kind, whether in the description or pictures/video, will be deleted. This is for the protection of you and other members on our site.

mJOBrr reserves the right to edit tasks for content or description, to enable their approval. E.G.: Deleting contact information, changing the category or other.

We all want to avoid problems

The identity of the Buyer and Seller shall remain anonymous. For the protection of both parties, it is prohibited to write an email address, Skype, ICQ, IM handle, links to other websites or any other contact information in any messages, tasks, descriptions or videos. Unless you are requesting a Custom order which requires a seller access to your hosting service in order to carry out their work or altering web pages.

All communication, including the transfer of data and documents, is to be done through freelancegrid. This protects both the buyer and seller.

Posting or publishing of any illegal, improper, copyright protected, rude, abusive, promotional, spam, violent or contentious material is strictly prohibited, and will get your account blocked, forever. freelancegrid has the final say and a Zero Tolerance policy.

Tasks delivery and communication

Users are solely responsible for transferred data, anti-virus protection and malware. freelancegrid is not responsible for any damage caused by using this web page and its contents, or damage caused by any data transfer.

Seller is obligated to deliver complete data for each ordered task.

You as a buyer have 3 days (72 hours) to respond, once your task is delivered. Otherwise, your order will be closed as delivered, automatically, by the system.

Withdrawing earning for delivered services/products

To withdraw your earnings from freelancegrid it is necessary for you to request a Withdrawal at no extra cost.

You also need to have a valid PayPal or Bank Transfer. Money will only be transferred to users with fully filled out account information. We only send out money through PayPal or Bank Transfer. Please make sure your PayPal/Bank Transfer account is active and can receive payments.

You the seller are not charged for Withdrawals from freelancegrid.


You can pay for your orders using Stripe/PayPal or a Credit Card using our Stripe service. Once the payment is confirmed, the order will be created and sent to the seller. Identity of both the seller and the buyer is kept anonymous, for your protection. To ask for any means of contact such as email address, IM, Skype, ICQ or telephone number, is strictly prohibited.

In case of contact information exchange between the Buyer and Seller, freelancegrid will not guarantee the terms of the task, the contents, results or the delivery date, etc. In which case, freelancegrid is not responsible for any financial loss due to contact exchange during order fulfilment. It is prohibited to offer any alternate form of payment, other than whats provided through freelancegrid

It is forbidden to use direct payments through PayPal/Stripe to pay the Seller. If you have been asked by the Buyer or the Seller for your PayuMoney/PayPal account, please contact us below mail ID.

Paying the Seller directly will get your account blocked permanently.

Product delivery

Some products require physical delivery or shipping (for example: hand made products, arts & crafts, collectibles, etc.) The Seller can add shipping costs and postage to the cost of the task, domestic or international.

Important notice

In case of physical delivery, the Seller will require the delivery address of the Buyer. The Seller is obliged to send out the product, packaged correctly, via a reliable shipping service (USPS, FED EX,UPS,DHL, DTDC etc.) at the Buyer’s agreement and expense. mJOBrr is not responsible for late deliveries or for any damages which may occur during shipping. We recommend insuring your parcels.

Violation of Terms and Conditions

Violation of freelancegrid Terms and Conditions may result in your account being permanently blocked. If your account becomes blocked, you may withdraw your earnings by contacting us and requesting a withdrawal.

In case of a problem, feel free to contact Customer Service at mJOBrr through the form on the mail below mail ID

In case of any dispute, freelancegrid reserves the right to block either the Buyer’s or the Seller’s account, at its sole discretion, pending review. During this period, both parties are prohibited from using freelancegrid.


We encourage all parties to settle conflicts or disagreements between themselves. If this is not possible, you can contact Customer Service on freelancegrid.

Payments are refunded and credited to the mJOBrr account of the Buyer or Seller by default, for future purchases on freelancegrid.

Intellectual property and Copyright

If not stated otherwise in the task description, should the task be delivered and approved by the Buyer, the Buyer receives and retains all intellectual and copyright rights for the final product. The rights of the seller have been met and fulfilled when the order process was finished successfully.

All ads posted by freelancegrid Buyers and Sellers, as well as pictures, video or any other materials used in a task ad (after their approval by freelancegrid), become the property of freelancegrid Any copying is prohibited and will be prosecuted.

Disclaimer: freelancegrid is simply a hub for buyers and sellers to meet. freelancegrid cannot be held responsible for copyright issues or any disputes made about the freelancegrid. By submitting any freelancegrid, sellers take full responsibility and liability upon themselves to deal with the copyright claims or any other claims.